What is a Sperm Bank?

A sperm bank, cryobank. or semen bank, is a type of tissue bank that collects, tests, stores, and distributes human sperm (semen) from a variety of donors for use primarily in reproductive procedures.

The primary purpose of a sperm bank is to help women become pregnant through third-party reproduction procedures such as artificial insemination.

Some sperm banks also provide material that is used for research purposes.

Sperm Banks are heavily regulated in most countries and provide an in-demand service that is needed by those who are seeking to start a family with the help of a the fertility clinic.

Sperm Banks are also used by men seeking to store their sperm long term for potential use in the future, often due to a vasectomy or other health related procedure.

Sperm Donation

One of the primary services provided by a Sperm Bank is the organized collection of Donor Sperm. Sperm Banks conduct extensive testing of donor specimens to ensure the safety and viability of the samples they collect. Because of this, a good Sperm Bank focuses on the quality of their Donors from a reproductive health stand point.

The Fertility Health industry is in continuous need of donor samples to help individuals and couples that are trying to conceive. Quality donors are needed at many Sperm Banks in the US and other countries.