Benefits of Becoming a Sperm Donor

Why do men elect to be become sperm donors?  This varies for each donor, but generally they do it for two primary reasons; To help others start a family, and for the Financial Benefits they gain by entering a Donor Program.

Most Sperm Donor programs afford a number of key benefits to donors:

  • Monetary Reward per Donation – Sperm Donors earn a set amount of money per donation to reimburse them for their time and commitment to the donor program.  The amount offered varies between different sperm banks and countries.  Some countries such as the UK regulate the amount of money that can be offered to donors for donations.
  • Helping others Start a Family – Many potential donors become more interested in donation once they learn how important sperm donors are for many people that want to start a family and need a sperm donor.
  • Free Health Checkups and Testing – Sperm Banks need healthy donors and they offer frequent medical exams and testing to look for health issues.  Donors benefit from these health checkups and testing.

Below is a video explaining some of the benefits and the process of becoming a sperm donor.

If you are interested in what is involved in becoming a sperm donor, check out the How It Works page on